Step-By-Step Guide in Creating a Website for Your Pub

Nowadays, creating a website is possible for anyone, despite the absence of technical skills. There is no longer a need to learn codes like HTML, Javascript, and the like in order to operate a website. Instead, they can make use of ready-made tools in starting their own website.

There is no difference in creating your own website for your pub as well. A step-by-step process will be thoroughly discussed for you to be guided as you start making your own website for your pub business.

Look for a Reliable Web Host

First and foremost, it is important to choose a web hosting service based on your preference. A web hosting will ensure that your pub’s website is displayed for everyone to view and visit.

There are tons of providers available online with different price rates and features. It is highly advisable to scan through different hosting services and look for one that would truly cater to your needs.

Choose the Right Hosting Plan

After settling in your chosen web host, you should decide which plan fits you well. Some web host providers offer 2 plan options, while others have 3 or more.

There are few to several features that are disabled in a free plan like customizing your own domain, for instance. This may inhibit you from fully utilizing your page due to the limited offers given to you. As for paid plans, more choices are handed to you to allow more customization options.

Decide for a Domain Name

If you select the paid plan, one of the perks you can get is choosing your personalized domain name. This is an important step in order to catch people’s attention online. Make sure to choose a name that is unique yet can be easily remembered by anyone.

It is best to limit your domain name with 2 words so your website will less likely be forgotten by your visitors.

Select a Template

Right after finishing the first 3 steps, you need to choose a template that will match your website. There are several templates available for you to pick. Moreover, you can even try searching for a template that matches your pub website.

Creating codes are no longer necessary since a template is considered as your website’s base.

Customize Your Template

This is the fun part in creating your own pub website. After choosing a template, you can immediately start customizing the entire page according to the tone you want to achieve. Creativity is needed here; you should also broaden your horizons and come up with a design that would surely catch your audience’s attention.

Additionally, make sure that your dropdown menus are easily located so it won’t be difficult for your readers to navigate through your page. Make sure not to overdo your design to the extent that it would be difficult to load your page.

Creating your own pub website is relatively easy and fun at the same time. With the right tools and tips, you can easily take your pub business online without any problems whatsoever.

Beer Fashion — How the Beer Dress was Created

In the growing world of the fashion industry, nothing is impossible. More and more designers are creating a different dress style made from a variety of fabric. But there’s a buzz that went around in 2012 when Australian scientist, Gary Cass, and fashion designer, Donna Franklin, created a dress made of fermented wine. Gary Cass discovered the material while trying to invent a cyborg with self-developing skin.

It was a great discovery for the duo. However, the downside of the garment is that it becomes easily torn when dry (the cellulose fabric). After a few years, the duo teamed up again to create a more fashionable discovery – a dress made from beer and fermented bacteria.

Shout out to all the beer lovers and partygoers who love wearing stylish dresses; this is a perfect match for your beer. Who would have thought that you can also wear what you drink? The dress looks stylish, with a fitted top with beads which represents the “beer bubbles” and like a balloon style at the bottom wherein the design looks like some flower petals put together, which, according to the two designers, are inspired by the hop (or hops) plant’s flower.

According to Mr. Cass and Ms. Franklin, the garment’s fabric was made from adding the bacteria called Acetobacter into the liquid beer. Whilst bacteria are known to have harmful effects, these particular bacteria are friendly and non-harmful. The bacteria, as stated by Gary Cass, “will ‘drink’ the beer and then convert the beer liquid into a solid fiber”. The end result is a unique fabric with fibers known as Nanollose microbial cellulose, which is similar to a cotton fabric. They also said that it’s an environmentally alternative to the fabrics that we are using.

Unlike the wine dress which has a strange smell and needs to be kept well all the time, the beer dress has no smell and it can be worn easily, and the fabric has improved flexibility. The “Beer Dress” was displayed at the World Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. Millions of visitors got a firsthand look at the beer dress and had the chance to have a chat with the creators about the viability of the material to the fashion industry.

While this new technology of fabric design is off to an auspicious start in the fashion industry, Gary Cass and Donna Franklin also hope that this will be a very helpful contribution to the medical industry. They said that it has a potential use in medical applications as the Nanollose microbial cellulose can form itself without using stitches. With this material’s trait or characteristic, it can replace bandages and medical wraps for sprains. It’s also a plant-free and environment-friendly fiber because it doesn’t require cutting a lot of trees and using a vast land to grow trees as a fabric material.

If this will be successful, you’ll not just end up drinking your favorite beer but also wearing it. So if you have a personal stylist who’s capable of crafting a beer dress, perhaps you can ask him or her to make one for you. Cheers to a fashionable drinking!

A Guide to Irish Pub Etiquette

Just like any place you’ll go to, you’ve got to observe some form of etiquette. The same goes for when you visit an Irish pub. If you don’t fancy Irish pubs too often and would rather stay in the comfort of home, then you might not be familiar with the certain pub etiquette. Here’s a short guide to help you run through the Irish pub form of etiquette

Round of Drinks

If you go to an Irish pub with an Irish person, then expect him or her to buy a round of drinks (meaning one drink for everyone). However, you’ve also got to remember that everyone if your group has to buy one round. This is an unspoken rule between friends who visit an Irish pub. So if there are 5 of you, then each of you have to buy one round of drinks for everyone. In total, that’s 5 rounds of drinks for everyone. What happens if you don’t buy a round? Well, people will start talking bad about you. Even expect someone in the area to call you a “stingy bastard”. So always remember to buy your round (or say in advance if you’re short on cash).

Tips for Table Service

In the US, tipping is done anytime when a person serves you. In Irish pubs, however, tipping is usually done just when you have a table. People who sit at the bar usually don’t have to give any tips. And there’s nothing to feel bad about because these bartenders probably earn a good wage anyway.

Always Order the Guinness First

This is somehow just an unspoken rule that the first that you order is a Guinness. I don’t really know why, but among Irish men, the first round would always be Guinness and that’s always been a tradition.

Reserving a Seat and a Drink

If you need to reserve a seat and your drink, you simply have to place your beer mat on top of your drink. This means that no one can touch your drink and that your seat is taken.

“Coat” Hangers on the Bar

You may notice some small hooks on the bar and think that they’re coat hangers. However, these hangers are just for bags only so you might want to think twice before hanging your coat there.

Kids in Pubs

Are kids allowed to be in pubs? The answer is yes, but it depends on the time. During the day and early parts of the night, especially during band sessions, the pub is open to families. It’s really normal to see kids running around pubs.

When you go to an Irish pub, make sure you follow these rules of etiquette. Most of them are unspoken so people in the pub expect you to follow them when you visit. It pays to learn about them so you won’t feel left out.

A Beginner’s Guide to Drinking in the Pub

Is this your first time going to a pub to drink? Don’t worry, we all go through that exploration stage where we enter our first pub and take our first drink. Of course, you don’t want to be wasted already in your first time so it’s very important to take things slow while you drink. Here’s a nifty guide for you if you’re a first timer in the pub.

Order Drinks That Are Easy to Drink

For first timers, I’d definitely suggest beer because beer doesn’t hit that hard. Try out smooth and easy-to-drink beers such as Murphy’s Stout. This drink has really nice flavor and you definitely won’t get hit too hard.

Order Some Food While You Drink

If you want to stay intact while drinking, then you have to order some food. The secret to not getting tipsy would be to eat a lot of oily food while drinking because the oil absorbs the alcohol. My personal recommendation would be our world famous fish and chips.

Take it Slow

Time and time again, I would always tell my novice drinker customers to take it slow. Go slow if it’s your first time because if you go too fast, you’ll get hit fast too. Take your time, sip your drink slowly and have a chat with your friends. No one’s there to race with you anyway (unless you’re in a drinking contest).

Make Sure One of You Isn’t Drunk

When you and your friends go drinking, your gang has to make sure that there’s at least one person who isn’t that hit. He’s most probably the guy who’s going to drive all of you home. If one of your friends isn’t drunk, then at least there’s someone who can take care of the rest of you in case of anything.

Don’t Mix Your Drinks

Lastly, don’t ever mix your drinks. When I say mixing drinks, I mean don’t drink beer and then a whiskey after. If you start with beer, then you end with beer. If you start out with a whiskey cocktail, then you end with whiskey. Mixing different kinds of alcohol will hit you really fast and you wouldn’t want that.