How Ireland Views CBD

The use of cannabis and products containing cannabis for medical purposes has gotten traction and attention from the public in recent years. This practice is specifically welcome in Ireland and is no longer being kept from the news and media articles or considered taboo.

Easier and wider access to cannabis and products containing cannabis components, such as CBD oils and powders, are being provided to more and more people every day. It is now available not only online, but even in stores that sell health foods and stores that specialize in related products. In a large part, this is thanks to movements that support cannabis-containing products headed by popular and trusted public figures.

However, though more and more people are being given access to these products, there is still a bit of confusion among the masses surrounding what exactly it is that they are being given access to. In addition, there are also questions about the substance’s legality and reliability that are still up in the air.

Specifically, questions are being posed about CBD – one of the most popular components of cannabis that is being turned into various forms of health care products such as oils, ointments, and powders.

CBD Support

Support for CBD use gained more ground with the strong lobbying of Vera Twomey who made a passionate call for the legislation of the use of medical cannabis.  She became known for her more than two years of campaigning for the approval of her the treatment of her daughter’s rare form of epilepsy with medical cannabis.  This was eventually approved with the State reimbursing the cost of said treatment.

Other personalities who came forward included Noreen O’Neill whose son was allowed to use CBD oil for his neurological condition which causes him to have seizures.

CBD oil is actually not illegal in Ireland. However, its use as a medicinal product is not authorized, and therefore, is not considered as a form of treatment.

CBD and What It Can Do

What exactly is CBD? CBD, also called cannabidiol, is the component of cannabis that is non-psychoactive. This means that CBD is capable of providing all the benefits of marijuana without the risk of a “high” or further addiction.

Various accounts from patients paint CBD as a kind of miracle drug that can be used to help with a wide variety of illnesses and ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, muscle pain, epilepsy, and even spasticity. However, it is important to note that despite multiple accounts by patients and some scientific journals praising CBD for its benefits, there are only a few clinical records about what it actually is or what it really does.

As proven by studies, CBD should not be treated as a kind of supplement for nutrition or health food despite how it is being marketed. At its core, CBD is still a drug and should be taken in moderation, as well as carefully regulated. Though there is also no clear evidence of deadly or negative side effects, and despite the fact that it is not supposed to cause any unwanted highs or possible addiction, people who want to use this drug should treat it as such. It is not completely known what CBD products actually contain.

Despite this lack of absolute clarity regarding what CBD oils, ointments, and powders actually do for the patients who use it, demand for these products is still increasing with time.

Although doctors are not readily allowed to prescribe medicine that contains cannabis or components of cannabis such as CBD, more and more patients are becoming curious about this new wonder drug and what it can do for them. However,  people must be cautious when using this drug and must seek the advice of a medical practitioner before using it.