When to Throw Away a Bad Batch of Beer

Brewing beer at home is a delicate process. Even though the procedures of making home brew beer are followed, there are, however, different factors that can affect the quality of a batch of beer. Two of these factors include bacterial contamination and stuck fermentation. The intended quality of the beer might be compromised.

However, this doesn’t mean that disposing of a bad batch of beer right away is the solution. Depending on the cause, there are still ways to save this bad batch from throwing away. Here are several causes/factors and their respected remedies:

Bacterial Contamination

Unintentional introduction of an unsterilized foreign object such as a brewery item in your batch of beer can be damaging. After all, cleanliness and sanitation must be a priority when it comes to food and beverage making. Also, wild bacteria and yeast may cause the beer to taste different from its intended course. But, before pulling a plug on your homebrew beer, you need to smell and taste it and decide.

When to dump

Dumping a substandard beer due to possible contamination can be done if it has failed during smelling and tasting.  Although the identity of the bacteria and yeast can’t be recognized macroscopically, smelling and tasting can narrow things down.

If black, green, or fuzzy hairy patches are noticed growing in your beer, the most likely culprit is mold. This was possibly caused by adding unsterilized fruit or wood to the fermentor. According to John Palmer, in his book How to Brew, if mold is encountered, a sample of the beer must be taken. If it doesn’t smell disgusting, the mold can be skimmed off. The tasting quality of the beer is not affected and the infection is not threatening. However, according to the USDA, there are a variety of molds that cause health problems such as allergic reactions and may produce poisonous mycotoxins such as aflatoxin (a carcinogenic and deadly toxin). If an unwanted infection has been detected, it’s okay to dump it.

Stuck Fermentations

A stuck or stalled fermentation is a case in which the beer unexpectedly stops fermenting. The possible causes are that there might be environmental changes such as the temperature, the yeast is unhealthy, the quantity is insufficient, or, sometimes, there are no obvious reasons at all. While dumping this bad batch is tempting, the best course of action is to wait. It is recommended to attempt to rack it to a secondary fermenter by first taking the gravity reading first and jot it down. Initiating the rocking motion may provoke some of the yeast and may commence the fermentation process. However, if the recipe requires for dry hopping, it is advisable to hold off on that part until you can validate that the beer needs additional interaction.

When to dump

Don’t throw the beer unless the taste is unpleasant.

Other Errors

Aside from bacterial contamination and stuck fermentation, there are other errors or mistakes that influence the quality of your beer; for example, failing to add a certain ingredient such as

Irish moss or aroma hops or being unable to seal the fermenter well and the lid of the fermenter is blown off.

When to dump

Dumping a beer is necessary depending on the circumstance. But, sometimes, tasting the beer post-fermentation can help in determining if it is indeed necessary to throw it.

7 Drinks You Should Try in an Irish Pub

For centuries, Ireland has been a world-leading producer of beverages. The country is famous across the planet for its impeccable whiskey, Guinness, and obsessive tea drinkers. While in Ireland, you can hardly escape drinks such as Baileys and Guinness.

However, Ireland has more drinks to offer than the ordinary Guinness and Irish whiskey. If you are planning to take a trip to the Emerald Isle, you will find several popular pubs. On the other hand, you can also just look for an authentic Irish pub near you and try ordering some of these drinks. Drinking will be fun, and you will definitely not run out of memorable moments

You can create memories the Irish way by having custom t-shirts when going for a drink.  It even gets better if you have toured as a group; since custom hoodies canada will make it equally fun for everyone. Also, you can present the t-shirt to someone as a unique gift to provide a personal touch.

To make the most out of your trip, we have a list of the top 7 drinks that you should try while in Ireland.


It is hard to miss a tap of Guinness in any pub you walk into.  Guinness has been linked with Ireland since1759 when Arthur Guinness began his brewery on a four-acre land.

Pouring Guinness to a glass resembles flowing silk. The dark color, smoothness, and thickness will quickly make its way down your throat. For a better experience, pay a visit to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

If you hate the porter bite, we have something for you – Black N Black. This is Guinness mixed with a blackcurrant shot. This will definitely get the bite off your pint of this famous dry stout.

There is also a baby Guinness option, which comes in shots. It contains Kahlua and Bailey`s Irish Cream topping.

Irish Whiskey

Ireland is also famous for numerous distillers where most of the planet`s best whiskey are manufactured. In Gaelic, whiskey is known as Uisce Beatha, meaning water of life.  Blend into the Irish culture by tasking their whiskey which includes: Jameson, Black Bush, Paddy, Powers, Bushmills, etc.

Bertha`s Revenge Gin

Does the thought of a milk gin seem strange to you? Maybe it is because the drink took its name from the oldest cow in the world. As peculiar as it sounds, the drink will exceed your expectations.

Ballyvolane House, from the West Cork, makes the drink. The drink is made using alcohol whey and local botanicals. Therefore, expect a delicate flavor that will soothe and surprise you.

Get your glands to taste the cardamom, sweet citrus, and cumin as you sip. Recently, Bertha`s Revenge Gin has a new sibling- Sloe Gin.

Fat Frog

Start your merry in Ireland with a whole new lot of greatness in a glass. It is made with Bacardi Orange, Wicked, and Smirnoff Ice. Thus, the bright green color. Among our list, it is unique, and should be a must try.

Blackwater Distillery

Common for its award-winning gins, Blackwater Distillery is founded in West Waterford. They offer different gins such as Juniper Cask Gin, Copper Potstill Vodka, and their unique Strawberry Gin.

How about you try their new Barry`s Tea Gin which they released in 2017?  You do not have to read about how smooth the flavor is, get yours and taste it.

Whiskey and Cranberry

You did not expect whiskey to miss out in this list, did you? Try to blend this drink with any of your favorite whiskeys, be it Bushmills or Jameson. Whichever your choice is, you need to try this.


This should be your first pick if you like sweet drinks as much as I do. You can try drinking it while on the rocks after dinner.

You do not have to drink during your trip. However, drinking in Ireland is considered a crucial part of the resident’s social experience. Therefore, make it your purpose to try at least these drinks and make the most out of your trip. Remember you are not ready for the pub if you do not have a custom t-shirt on you.