Beer Fashion — How the Beer Dress was Created

In the growing world of the fashion industry, nothing is impossible. More and more designers are creating a different dress style made from a variety of fabric. But there’s a buzz that went around in 2012 when Australian scientist, Gary Cass, and fashion designer, Donna Franklin, created a dress made of fermented wine. Gary Cass discovered the material while trying to invent a cyborg with self-developing skin. Check women and men’s review on stitch fix for more details.

It was a great discovery for the duo. However, the downside of the garment is that it becomes easily torn when dry (the cellulose fabric). After a few years, the duo teamed up again to create a more fashionable discovery – a dress made from beer and fermented bacteria.

Shout out to all the beer lovers and partygoers who love wearing stylish dresses; this is a perfect match for your beer. Who would have thought that you can also wear what you drink? The dress looks stylish, with a fitted top with beads which represents the “beer bubbles” and like a balloon style at the bottom wherein the design looks like some flower petals put together, which, according to the two designers, are inspired by the hop (or hops) plant’s flower.

According to Mr. Cass and Ms. Franklin, the garment’s fabric was made from adding the bacteria called Acetobacter into the liquid beer. Whilst bacteria are known to have harmful effects, these particular bacteria are friendly and non-harmful. The bacteria, as stated by Gary Cass, “will ‘drink’ the beer and then convert the beer liquid into a solid fiber”. The end result is a unique fabric with fibers known as Nanollose microbial cellulose, which is similar to a cotton fabric. They also said that it’s an environmentally alternative to the fabrics that we are using.

Unlike the wine dress which has a strange smell and needs to be kept well all the time, the beer dress has no smell and it can be worn easily, and the fabric has improved flexibility. The “Beer Dress” was displayed at the World Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. Millions of visitors got a firsthand look at the beer dress and had the chance to have a chat with the creators about the viability of the material to the fashion industry.

While this new technology of fabric design is off to an auspicious start in the fashion industry, Gary Cass and Donna Franklin also hope that this will be a very helpful contribution to the medical industry. They said that it has a potential use in medical applications as the Nanollose microbial cellulose can form itself without using stitches. With this material’s trait or characteristic, it can replace bandages and medical wraps for sprains. It’s also a plant-free and environment-friendly fiber because it doesn’t require cutting a lot of trees and using a vast land to grow trees as a fabric material.

If this will be successful, you’ll not just end up drinking your favorite beer but also wearing it. So if you have a personal stylist who’s capable of crafting a beer dress, perhaps you can ask him or her to make one for you. Cheers to a fashionable drinking!

How to Make your Pub a Zero Waste Pub

We all love, at least most of us, to unwind after a long day with a few drinks in our local pubs. While we are having a good time, pub owners are left with the obligation to deal with the different types of waste generated in the premise.

Depending on the size of the establishment, pubs and clubs have different ways of disposing of their waste. Big establishments outsource their waste management needs to dumpster rental Ashland KY services to deal with the large volume of waste. Smaller establishments use respective county or city waste management services that are more budget-friendly.

Whichever the case, waste management is important especially in protecting the environment.

If you want your pub to be among the establishments that strive to be zero waste pubs, here are a few tips to get you started.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The 3R’s will minimize waste that you empty into the bins and dumpsters. For example, you can reduce packaging waste by using alternative, more environmentally friendly packaging materials that reduce packaging waste. Find reusable packaging materials such as crates, reusable boxes, and trays instead of one-way packaging materials. Engage your suppliers to make it easier.

You could also introduce a recycling program to reduce waste that ends up in the landfills. Use organic waste for composting to create manure for flowers in your garden, if applicable, or sell it to gardeners making some money in the process. Or if you can, start a worm farm that can also generate some extra income.

If the two examples do not fit your establishment, introduce a single-stream recycling program. Single-stream recycling or commingled recycling is the process of collecting all recyclable waste into one bin or dumpster. For a pub or bar, this means all cartons, boards, plastic and glass bottles, papers, and cans are emptied into one dumpster. Contact your dumpster rental service provider to make it a joint venture. Commingle recycling will also reduce your waste disposal cost.

Run a Waste Audit

Use the dumpster rental services to collect data on how much and the type of waste that your pub generates the most. The process will assist to identify types of waste that you can reduce and also ensure that you have enough storage containers for waste awaiting collection.

A waste audit will also help you identify waste that can be eliminated and in the process save your business money by negotiating the waste disposal contract or the dumpster rental services contract.

An audit will note unnecessary foods, drinks and other materials that often go to waste. With this data, you can plan on when to increase purchase volume, what to reduce, and what to do away with altogether. Again, you gain by reducing your waste disposal costs and also your losses from wasted purchases.

Waste management is an integral part of making the environment cleaner and safer. Waste generation is a part of all businesses. Business establishments that strive to be zero waste businesses protect our environment while in the process of reducing their waste disposal costs. It is also ethical to manage waste from business premises, and that can earn businesses important recommendations and commendations.

7 Drinks You Should Try in an Irish Pub

For centuries, Ireland has been a world-leading producer of beverages. The country is famous across the planet for its impeccable whiskey, Guinness, and obsessive tea drinkers. While in Ireland, you can hardly escape drinks such as Baileys and Guinness.

However, Ireland has more drinks to offer than the ordinary Guinness and Irish whiskey. If you are planning to take a trip to the Emerald Isle, you will find several popular pubs. On the other hand, you can also just look for an authentic Irish pub near you and try ordering some of these drinks. Drinking will be fun, and you will definitely not run out of memorable moments

You can create memories the Irish way by having custom t-shirts when going for a drink.  It even gets better if you have toured as a group; since custom hoodies canada will make it equally fun for everyone. Also, you can present the t-shirt to someone as a unique gift to provide a personal touch.

To make the most out of your trip, we have a list of the top 7 drinks that you should try while in Ireland.


It is hard to miss a tap of Guinness in any pub you walk into.  Guinness has been linked with Ireland since1759 when Arthur Guinness began his brewery on a four-acre land.

Pouring Guinness to a glass resembles flowing silk. The dark color, smoothness, and thickness will quickly make its way down your throat. For a better experience, pay a visit to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

If you hate the porter bite, we have something for you – Black N Black. This is Guinness mixed with a blackcurrant shot. This will definitely get the bite off your pint of this famous dry stout.

There is also a baby Guinness option, which comes in shots. It contains Kahlua and Bailey`s Irish Cream topping.

Irish Whiskey

Ireland is also famous for numerous distillers where most of the planet`s best whiskey are manufactured. In Gaelic, whiskey is known as Uisce Beatha, meaning water of life.  Blend into the Irish culture by tasking their whiskey which includes: Jameson, Black Bush, Paddy, Powers, Bushmills, etc.

Bertha`s Revenge Gin

Does the thought of a milk gin seem strange to you? Maybe it is because the drink took its name from the oldest cow in the world. As peculiar as it sounds, the drink will exceed your expectations.

Ballyvolane House, from the West Cork, makes the drink. The drink is made using alcohol whey and local botanicals. Therefore, expect a delicate flavor that will soothe and surprise you.

Get your glands to taste the cardamom, sweet citrus, and cumin as you sip. Recently, Bertha`s Revenge Gin has a new sibling- Sloe Gin.

Fat Frog

Start your merry in Ireland with a whole new lot of greatness in a glass. It is made with Bacardi Orange, Wicked, and Smirnoff Ice. Thus, the bright green color. Among our list, it is unique, and should be a must try.

Blackwater Distillery

Common for its award-winning gins, Blackwater Distillery is founded in West Waterford. They offer different gins such as Juniper Cask Gin, Copper Potstill Vodka, and their unique Strawberry Gin.

How about you try their new Barry`s Tea Gin which they released in 2017?  You do not have to read about how smooth the flavor is, get yours and taste it.

Whiskey and Cranberry

You did not expect whiskey to miss out in this list, did you? Try to blend this drink with any of your favorite whiskeys, be it Bushmills or Jameson. Whichever your choice is, you need to try this.


This should be your first pick if you like sweet drinks as much as I do. You can try drinking it while on the rocks after dinner.

You do not have to drink during your trip. However, drinking in Ireland is considered a crucial part of the resident’s social experience. Therefore, make it your purpose to try at least these drinks and make the most out of your trip. Remember you are not ready for the pub if you do not have a custom t-shirt on you.

How Ireland Views CBD

The use of cannabis and products containing cannabis for medical purposes has gotten traction and attention from the public in recent years. This practice is specifically welcome in Ireland and is no longer being kept from the news and media articles or considered taboo.

Easier and wider access to cannabis and products containing cannabis components, such as CBD oils and powders, are being provided to more and more people every day. It is now available not only online, but even in stores that sell health foods and stores that specialize in related products. In a large part, this is thanks to movements that support cannabis-containing products headed by popular and trusted public figures.

However, though more and more people are being given access to these products, there is still a bit of confusion among the masses surrounding what exactly it is that they are being given access to. In addition, there are also questions about the substance’s legality and reliability that are still up in the air.

Specifically, questions are being posed about CBD – one of the most popular components of cannabis that is being turned into various forms of health care products such as oils, ointments, and powders.

CBD Support

Support for CBD use gained more ground with the strong lobbying of Vera Twomey who made a passionate call for the legislation of the use of medical cannabis.  She became known for her more than two years of campaigning for the approval of her the treatment of her daughter’s rare form of epilepsy with medical cannabis.  This was eventually approved with the State reimbursing the cost of said treatment.

Other personalities who came forward included Noreen O’Neill whose son was allowed to use CBD oil for his neurological condition which causes him to have seizures.

CBD oil is actually not illegal in Ireland. However, its use as a medicinal product is not authorized, and therefore, is not considered as a form of treatment.

CBD and What It Can Do

What exactly is CBD? CBD, also called cannabidiol, is the component of cannabis that is non-psychoactive. This means that CBD is capable of providing all the benefits of marijuana without the risk of a “high” or further addiction.

Various accounts from patients paint CBD as a kind of miracle drug that can be used to help with a wide variety of illnesses and ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, muscle pain, epilepsy, and even spasticity. However, it is important to note that despite multiple accounts by patients and some scientific journals praising CBD for its benefits, there are only a few clinical records about what it actually is or what it really does.

As proven by studies, CBD should not be treated as a kind of supplement for nutrition or health food despite how it is being marketed. At its core, CBD is still a drug and should be taken in moderation, as well as carefully regulated. Though there is also no clear evidence of deadly or negative side effects, and despite the fact that it is not supposed to cause any unwanted highs or possible addiction, people who want to use this drug should treat it as such. It is not completely known what CBD products actually contain.

Despite this lack of absolute clarity regarding what CBD oils, ointments, and powders actually do for the patients who use it, demand for these products is still increasing with time.

Although doctors are not readily allowed to prescribe medicine that contains cannabis or components of cannabis such as CBD, more and more patients are becoming curious about this new wonder drug and what it can do for them. However,  people must be cautious when using this drug and must seek the advice of a medical practitioner before using it.

A Guide to Irish Pub Etiquette

Just like any place you’ll go to, you’ve got to observe some form of etiquette. The same goes for when you visit an Irish pub. If you don’t fancy Irish pubs too often, then you might not be familiar with the certain pub etiquette. Here’s a short guide to help you run through the Irish pub form of etiquette

Round of Drinks

If you go to an Irish pub with an Irish person, then expect him or her to buy a round of drinks (meaning one drink for everyone). However, you’ve also got to remember that everyone if your group has to buy one round. This is an unspoken rule between friends who visit an Irish pub. So if there are 5 of you, then each of you have to buy one round of drinks for everyone. In total, that’s 5 rounds of drinks for everyone. What happens if you don’t buy a round? Well, people will start talking bad about you. Even expect someone in the area to call you a “stingy bastard”. So always remember to buy your round (or say in advance if you’re short on cash).

Tips for Table Service

In the US, tipping is done anytime when a person serves you. In Irish pubs, however, tipping is usually done just when you have a table. People who sit at the bar usually don’t have to give any tips. And there’s nothing to feel bad about because these bartenders probably earn a good wage anyway.

Always Order the Guinness First

This is somehow just an unspoken rule that the first that you order is a Guinness. I don’t really know why, but among Irish men, the first round would always be Guinness and that’s always been a tradition.

Reserving a Seat and a Drink

If you need to reserve a seat and your drink, you simply have to place your beer mat on top of your drink. This means that no one can touch your drink and that your seat is taken.

“Coat” Hangers on the Bar

You may notice some small hooks on the bar and think that they’re coat hangers. However, these hangers are just for bags only so you might want to think twice before hanging your coat there.

Kids in Pubs

Are kids allowed to be in pubs? The answer is yes, but it depends on the time. During the day and early parts of the night, especially during band sessions, the pub is open to families. It’s really normal to see kids running around pubs.

When you go to an Irish pub, make sure you follow these rules of etiquette. Most of them are unspoken so people in the pub expect you to follow them when you visit. It pays to learn about them so you won’t feel left out.

A Beginner’s Guide to Drinking in the Pub

Is this your first time going to a pub to drink? Don’t worry, we all go through that exploration stage where we enter our first pub and take our first drink. Of course, you don’t want to be wasted already in your first time so it’s very important to take things slow while you drink. Here’s a nifty guide for you if you’re a first timer in the pub.

Order Drinks That Are Easy to Drink

For first timers, I’d definitely suggest beer because beer doesn’t hit that hard. Try out smooth and easy-to-drink beers such as Murphy’s Stout. This drink has really nice flavor and you definitely won’t get hit too hard.

Order Some Food While You Drink

If you want to stay intact while drinking, then you have to order some food. The secret to not getting tipsy would be to eat a lot of oily food while drinking because the oil absorbs the alcohol. My personal recommendation would be our world famous fish and chips.

Take it Slow

Time and time again, I would always tell my novice drinker customers to take it slow. Go slow if it’s your first time because if you go too fast, you’ll get hit fast too. Take your time, sip your drink slowly and have a chat with your friends. No one’s there to race with you anyway (unless you’re in a drinking contest).

Make Sure One of You Isn’t Drunk

When you and your friends go drinking, your gang has to make sure that there’s at least one person who isn’t that hit. He’s most probably the guy who’s going to drive all of you home. If one of your friends isn’t drunk, then at least there’s someone who can take care of the rest of you in case of anything.

Don’t Mix Your Drinks

Lastly, don’t ever mix your drinks. When I say mixing drinks, I mean don’t drink beer and then a whiskey after. If you start with beer, then you end with beer. If you start out with a whiskey cocktail, then you end with whiskey. Mixing different kinds of alcohol will hit you really fast and you wouldn’t want that.

A Guide to Some of the Best Irish Beer for St. Patrick’s Day

If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, then you’re probably familiar with the tradition of chugging down a lot of delicious stouts, ales, and beers from the land of Ireland. Ireland is full of different and delicious beers that you can choose from. What makes Irish beer really well loved would be the special type of brew it has. Every drinker is crazy about it! If you really want to make the most of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, here is a guide to some of the best Irish beers.

Murphy’s Irish Stout

First off, we have every St. Patrick Day’s staple, Murphy’s irish Stout. This drink is extremely popular because it is light and has a sweet flavor. This makes the beer very easy to drink as it doesn’t have the usual strong alcohol or yeast taste that most beers would have. Even non-beer drinkers can take this drink without much problem.

Smithwick’s Irish Ale

Smithwick’s Ale is known for its sweet taste and unique red color. The color comes from a delicious mix of certain fruits, malt, roasted barley and a bit of coffee. Combine all of that and you get a very unique tasting sort of ale that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

Kilkenny is known to be one of the most well known Irish beers in the world with its unique creamy texture. Although it is similar to the taste of Smithwick’s, it is known more for its distinct creamy texture which is something a lot of people enjoy.

Harp Lager

Harp Lager is a green and refreshing beer that isn’t too hard on the throat unlike most beers. This imported Irish lager is smooth down the hatch and actually quite easy to drink.


Lastly, we’ve got Guinness Draught known for its strong but smooth flavor. Guinness is more for the ones who want a stronger type of beer as Guinness does pack quite a hit as compared to other beers.

These are some of the beers that you will definitely encounter during St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to have a blast on your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, then you got to know your beers. When you see any of these five, go give one a try.