Step-By-Step Guide in Creating a Website for Your Pub

Nowadays, creating a website is possible for anyone, despite the absence of technical skills. There is no longer a need to learn codes like HTML, Javascript, and the like in order to operate a website. Instead, they can make use of ready-made tools in starting their own website.

There is no difference in creating your own website for your pub as well. A step-by-step process will be thoroughly discussed for you to be guided as you start making your own website for your pub business.

Look for a Reliable Web Host

First and foremost, it is important to choose a web hosting service based on your preference. A web hosting will ensure that your pub’s website is displayed for everyone to view and visit.

There are tons of providers available online with different price rates and features. It is highly advisable to scan through different hosting services and look for one that would truly cater to your needs.

Choose the Right Hosting Plan

After settling in your chosen web host, you should decide which plan fits you well. Some web host providers offer 2 plan options, while others have 3 or more.

There are few to several features that are disabled in a free plan like customizing your own domain, for instance. This may inhibit you from fully utilizing your page due to the limited offers given to you. As for paid plans, more choices are handed to you to allow more customization options.

Decide for a Domain Name

If you select the paid plan, one of the perks you can get is choosing your personalized domain name. This is an important step in order to catch people’s attention online. Make sure to choose a name that is unique yet can be easily remembered by anyone.

It is best to limit your domain name with 2 words so your website will less likely be forgotten by your visitors.

Select a Template

Right after finishing the first 3 steps, you need to choose a template that will match your website. There are several templates available for you to pick. Moreover, you can even try searching for a template that matches your pub website.

Creating codes are no longer necessary since a template is considered as your website’s base.

Customize Your Template

This is the fun part in creating your own pub website. After choosing a template, you can immediately start customizing the entire page according to the tone you want to achieve. Creativity is needed here; you should also broaden your horizons and come up with a design that would surely catch your audience’s attention.

Additionally, make sure that your dropdown menus are easily located so it won’t be difficult for your readers to navigate through your page. Make sure not to overdo your design to the extent that it would be difficult to load your page.

Creating your own pub website is relatively easy and fun at the same time. With the right tools and tips, you can easily take your pub business online without any problems whatsoever.

Security in Pubs

How to Improve Security in Pubs

Pubs accommodate a lot of people who come to enjoy drinks and games such as darts and pool table. Clients always have fun and relaxation in mind, and as a pub owner, you should give them just that by covering the security day and night. It is essential for pub owners to install ample security features for the safety and protection of their clients. This can be in form of physical presence of security officers or something like in form of technology. Below are ways in which security can be enhanced in pubs.

Ensure that the pub is licensed

It is mandatory for every pub owner to own an operating license after the pub has undergone a verified background check. According to Dr Steffan George of the Master Locksmiths Association, operating a hospitable pub is part of security. This assures clients that they are in a safe place that is legalized by the authorities and that they are consuming safe products.

Install surveillance cameras and alarms in the pub

Pub managers should ensure that their pubs have high-quality surveillance cameras such as CCTV’s. This way, they can be able to monitor ongoing activities in the pub throughout. Additionally, there should be two or more alarm switches in the pub for pressing in cases when security is at bay.
Fire drills
Pub owners should engage their employees in fire drills that train them on how to act in case of fire outbreak. Moreover, there should be fire extinguishers installed in the pub for fire emergencies.

Good customer care services

Employees in the pub should be well trained on how to handle clients and how to keep confidential information away from unauthorized third parties. This way, critical information such as finance-related ones cannot be leaked.

Good banking practices

Pubs handle a lot of credit card and cash transactions on a daily basis. Due to this, pub managers should practice good financial behaviors such as banking on a daily basis. They should avoid keeping a lot of cash in cash boxes or safe which are prone to theft. Moreover, when making deposits, it’s wise to alter the times they leave the pub and routes they use to avoid being followed and mugged by thieves.
When it comes to credit cards, they should ensure that their firewall network is safe with updated software for quality protection.

Proper lighting

Apart from camera surveillance, pub owners should ensure that there is good lighting inside and outside the pub. This enhances security by keeping away theft and vandalism in the pub surroundings. The pubs interior lights can also be wired to detect motion in and out of the pub by lighting up once the door is open. This keeps away intruders from getting into the pub since they will be quickly noticed.


Good security gives a pub a good reputation and maintains client loyalty since they would always want to hang out in a place wherein safety and security are guaranteed.