Beer Fashion — How the Beer Dress was Created

In the growing world of the fashion industry, nothing is impossible. More and more designers are creating a different dress style made from a variety of fabric. But there’s a buzz that went around in 2012 when Australian scientist, Gary Cass, and fashion designer, Donna Franklin, created a dress made of fermented wine. Gary Cass discovered the material while trying to invent a cyborg with self-developing skin.

It was a great discovery for the duo. However, the downside of the garment is that it becomes easily torn when dry (the cellulose fabric). After a few years, the duo teamed up again to create a more fashionable discovery – a dress made from beer and fermented bacteria.

Shout out to all the beer lovers and partygoers who love wearing stylish dresses; this is a perfect match for your beer. Who would have thought that you can also wear what you drink? The dress looks stylish, with a fitted top with beads which represents the “beer bubbles” and like a balloon style at the bottom wherein the design looks like some flower petals put together, which, according to the two designers, are inspired by the hop (or hops) plant’s flower.

According to Mr. Cass and Ms. Franklin, the garment’s fabric was made from adding the bacteria called Acetobacter into the liquid beer. Whilst bacteria are known to have harmful effects, these particular bacteria are friendly and non-harmful. The bacteria, as stated by Gary Cass, “will ‘drink’ the beer and then convert the beer liquid into a solid fiber”. The end result is a unique fabric with fibers known as Nanollose microbial cellulose, which is similar to a cotton fabric. They also said that it’s an environmentally alternative to the fabrics that we are using.

Unlike the wine dress which has a strange smell and needs to be kept well all the time, the beer dress has no smell and it can be worn easily, and the fabric has improved flexibility. The “Beer Dress” was displayed at the World Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. Millions of visitors got a firsthand look at the beer dress and had the chance to have a chat with the creators about the viability of the material to the fashion industry.

While this new technology of fabric design is off to an auspicious start in the fashion industry, Gary Cass and Donna Franklin also hope that this will be a very helpful contribution to the medical industry. They said that it has a potential use in medical applications as the Nanollose microbial cellulose can form itself without using stitches. With this material’s trait or characteristic, it can replace bandages and medical wraps for sprains. It’s also a plant-free and environment-friendly fiber because it doesn’t require cutting a lot of trees and using a vast land to grow trees as a fabric material.

If this will be successful, you’ll not just end up drinking your favorite beer but also wearing it. So if you have a personal stylist who’s capable of crafting a beer dress, perhaps you can ask him or her to make one for you. Cheers to a fashionable drinking!


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