How to Make your Pub a Zero Waste Pub

We all love, at least most of us, to unwind after a long day with a few drinks in our local pubs. While we are having a good time, pub owners are left with the obligation to deal with the different types of waste generated in the premise.

Depending on the size of the establishment, pubs and clubs have different ways of disposing of their waste. Big establishments outsource their waste management needs to dumpster rental Ashland KY services to deal with the large volume of waste. Smaller establishments use respective county or city waste management services that are more budget-friendly.

Whichever the case, waste management is important especially in protecting the environment.

If you want your pub to be among the establishments that strive to be zero waste pubs, here are a few tips to get you started.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The 3R’s will minimize waste that you empty into the bins and dumpsters. For example, you can reduce packaging waste by using alternative, more environmentally friendly packaging materials that reduce packaging waste. Find reusable packaging materials such as crates, reusable boxes, and trays instead of one-way packaging materials. Engage your suppliers to make it easier.

You could also introduce a recycling program to reduce waste that ends up in the landfills. Use organic waste for composting to create manure for flowers in your garden, if applicable, or sell it to gardeners making some money in the process. Or if you can, start a worm farm that can also generate some extra income.

If the two examples do not fit your establishment, introduce a single-stream recycling program. Single-stream recycling or commingled recycling is the process of collecting all recyclable waste into one bin or dumpster. For a pub or bar, this means all cartons, boards, plastic and glass bottles, papers, and cans are emptied into one dumpster. Contact your dumpster rental service provider to make it a joint venture. Commingle recycling will also reduce your waste disposal cost.

Run a Waste Audit

Use the dumpster rental services to collect data on how much and the type of waste that your pub generates the most. The process will assist to identify types of waste that you can reduce and also ensure that you have enough storage containers for waste awaiting collection.

A waste audit will also help you identify waste that can be eliminated and in the process save your business money by negotiating the waste disposal contract or the dumpster rental services contract.

An audit will note unnecessary foods, drinks and other materials that often go to waste. With this data, you can plan on when to increase purchase volume, what to reduce, and what to do away with altogether. Again, you gain by reducing your waste disposal costs and also your losses from wasted purchases.

Waste management is an integral part of making the environment cleaner and safer. Waste generation is a part of all businesses. Business establishments that strive to be zero waste businesses protect our environment while in the process of reducing their waste disposal costs. It is also ethical to manage waste from business premises, and that can earn businesses important recommendations and commendations.


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